Medomsley Networking Group membership is by invitation only, and all our members are personally recommended for their professionalism, ability and integrity........................................................
Medomsley Networking Group

The Medomsley Networking Group

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The Medomsley Networking Group meets every week to share business knowledge, help and advice, not only amongst our members but also to those clients our members believe would benefit from the help, advice or services that a group such as ours can give.

Whether you are in need of financial advice, have an urgent need of legal advice, are confused about your pension, cannot manage your IT on your own, or feel you could do with some help with your carpet cleaning, you can find all manner of assistance here at MNG.

We can help you stay on the right side of the Law when it comes to tyres and brakes, having family photographs taken or helping you with your mortgage or pension, or even selling your house. If you feel you are in need of professional advice with your presentations or the way you handle meetings, we can help there too.


The Medomsley Networking Group was formed in 2012 to bring together a number of local businesses to provide the kind of services that people are looking for: locally based but with the strength of a wider network behind them.

Our members represent a wide range of services; from Internet SEO to IT, from Gardening to grabbing the headlines with stunning signs and printing; Human Resources advice to handling your cleaning, you can find the contact details of any member of the Group here on these pages.

The Medomsley Networking Group is membership by invitation only, so you can rest assured that every member is a part of a reliable, trustworthy organisation that prides itself on the integrity of each and every one of its members.

If you need help, just contact any member directly.
You will find links to all their websites and telephone numbers on each member's personal page

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